Image shows music notes forming into a fleet of military jets. Compose Music. Orchestrate Fleets. AMD Ryzen Threadripper.

Conquer Design and Gaming with Ryzen Threadripper.

Experience the most advanced consumer processor ever made.

Whether you render stunning 3D worlds or dominate them, get unrestrained performance with Ryzen Threadripper.

Mega-Task Faster than ever before 1

Never put productitity on hold. Render complex 3D scenes, stream high-quality video and play demanding games at the same time. Encode. Compile. Encrypt. Virtualize. It doesn’t matter.

Ryzen Threadripper can do more, faster, than ever before. 1

Ryzen Thradripper packaging.

Unmatched Processing Power

With up to 16 cores, Ryzen Threadripper processors can command up to 32 threads, the most processing power that you can get on a consumer desktop. 1

Push your workloads to the max with up to 40MB of processor cache, with incredible efficiency thanks to the world-class IPC performance of the “Zen” architecture.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU chip

A Platform Light Years Ahead 1

Experience quad-channel DDR4 for incredible memory bandwidth, 64 lanes of PCIe® 3.0 connectivity and native USB 3.1 Gen2 10GB/s support on a chipset.

And like every Ryzen processor, it’s fully unlocked for overclocking control 2

Leave your limits behind.