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Here at XOTIC PC, our customers needs come first. Our goal is to serve our customers by pampering them with the quality of service they deserve. We take pride in our superior customer service and our award-winning technical support. Don't take our word for it see what some of the following third party websites say about us and some of our customer testimonials below.
We view every customer as a customer for life. “Total Customer Satisfaction” is our standard. Our knowledgeable account managers will guide you through your whole experience with XOTIC PC, and continue to be your point of contact after the sale. In addition, our highly trained technicians are ready and eager to help you with any problems that arise. Furthermore, our 24 Hour Service assures you quick and expert service when you need it. Your complete and total satisfaction is our greatest ambition!
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  • Johnny Compton 03/22/2018 5 Stars out of 5
    ASUS M580VD-EB76 Review

    Overall, my experience with Xotic PC was excellent. I custom ordered an ASUS laptop and have no complaints. My laptop was assembled and through their QA in 2 business days, and I received the laptop on the 5th business day via ground shipping. I really appreciated the email updates telling me the status of my laptop as it was being built, going through QA, and finally shipped.

    I definitely recommend paying a few extra dollars to have them remove bloatware. I also like that there are more specific details of the custom hardware you choose to have them install. Other sites simply just state "SSD" but don't actually tell you the read/write speed or they simply install what they have in stock (I know because I emailed a competitor about the read/write speed of their mid-tier SDD and that's what they stated). So, you could end up paying more for a slower SSD, RAM, etc. Overall, if you are in the market for a PC or laptop, I would highly recommend XoticPC. I shopped around on other sites such as ibuypower and computer upgrade king, and at least for my build and warranty, got more bang for my buck.

  • EmilyPhelan 06/04/2018 5 Stars out of 5

    I initially found Xotic PC after a bad experience with NewEgg. I was left with only days before a big trip and no laptop. I reached out to Xotic and Emily was there to answer all of my questions. There were no robots, limited answers, nor phone call run arounds. In addition to their amazing service, they built me a laptop that can handle all my design work, rendering, and game engine needs. They set me up to succeed, and because of this I will never shop anywhere else.

  • Joelsfin 05/30/2018 5 Stars out of 5

    I received my MSI GP63 Leopard yesterday and once I got use to the way it work's and got thing's set up it run like a dream. If I could change anything. I wish it came with the driver disc so if a clean reinstall is need would make it more simpler instead of having to go and look them up on the MSI site. It came with the Windows 10 OS on a usb stick so that is a plus. The gentleman and ladies that I have talked to at xoticpc were a great help with all my questions when I ordered and with the set up once I received it. I would go back and order again with them.

  • yedmunds 05/28/2017 5 Stars out of 5

    Emily did a great job assisting me on the support side despite the fact that I was outside the warranty on my purchase. I was supplied with the part that I needed directly from the manufacturer thanks to Xotic PC's assistance. Transaction could not have gone sooner.

  • mathcountsbaron 05/12/2018 5 Stars out of 5

    Over the few months I had been in the market for a new laptop, I had come to the conclusion that I would go with XoticPC because of pricing and customer service reviews. I'm glad to say that my experience was the same.

    My first order I placed was marked End-of-Life, because the manufacturer (MSI) stopped making the model. The people I spoke with about it were very polite and worked with me, and while I wish there could have been a little more to be done to honor the specifications I ordered at the price point, I understand that this is set by the manufacturer for the most part. Because they were willing to give a couple free upgrades as consolation for the trouble, I was able to order a very similar model (ended up with a configured MSI GP62M 7RDX Leopard), and even overclocked the GPU to make up for the drop from the GTX 1050 Ti to the GTX 1050. Not only did the laptop come in excellent condition, but the benchmarks are great and the burn-ins have made for the most stable system I have ever used. The customization I made to it (added an SSD C:/ drive, IC Diamond cooling, GPU overclock, and copper heatpipes) all work great, and compared to my old laptop (HP Pavilion dv6 with a GT650M in it), this thing can not only run graphics much higher (~50FPS on Overwatch on Ultra settings vs. ~15FPS on Overwatch on Low settings), but it barely even gets warm to the touch even after hours of intense graphics and CPU use (Cities: Skylines can become a bit of a beast to run with mods). And with the MSI Afterburner and fan modes, as well as the XoticPC burn-in, I haven't had so much as a stutter with the way this thing runs.

    All in all, I'm very happy with my new laptop, and the only advice I have for any prospective buyers is to be careful when ordering anything a generation old, since the manufacturers may suddenly stop making that model (like they did with my first order with the 7th gen i7). Even if you do get an EOL order, XoticPC will work with you to find a similar model. Even their after hours sales agent sent me a list of comparable models within 10 minutes of talking on the phone!

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