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Here at XOTIC PC, our customers needs come first. Our goal is to serve our customers by pampering them with the quality of service they deserve. We take pride in our superior customer service and our award-winning technical support. Don't take our word for it see what some of the following third party websites say about us and some of our customer testimonials below.
We view every customer as a customer for life. “Total Customer Satisfaction” is our standard. Our knowledgeable account managers will guide you through your whole experience with XOTIC PC, and continue to be your point of contact after the sale. In addition, our highly trained technicians are ready and eager to help you with any problems that arise. Furthermore, our 24 Hour Service assures you quick and expert service when you need it. Your complete and total satisfaction is our greatest ambition!
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  • andrewjamesfrey 9/18/2017 5 Stars out of 5
    Fantastic Communication, great service

    “I had been researching my next computer for weeks and finally decided on a Gigabyte Aero 15. After watching their video reviews and reading testimonials, I bought from Xotic PC. My favorite part of the service was their availability to chat on the website or trade emails at every step of the process. It made it very convenient.

    Whenever a new stage in the build was completed and new one began, I received an email telling me what was going on with my build, and updated timelines. From the time I purchased, until it was delivered was just about a week. The extra gifts in the package were a nice touch as well (t-shirt, mouse pad and cooling pad).

    One piece of feedback for Xotic, is to allow customers to re-route the packages to a FedEx store. I had a difficult time with FedEx delivering my package when I was available to sign for it, and even had to pay an extra $5 to FedEx to schedule my delivery when I could be home. With packages in the past that I’ve had to sign for, I’ve had them hold it at a FedEx location so I could grab it after work. I don’t know if there is a reason for not allowing this, but just something to think about.

    Anyway, I am very happy with my purchase, and will recommend Xotic PC to any friends and colleagues who ask. Thank you!”

  • MANDEEx88 9/13/2017 5 Stars out of 5
    Would Purchase From Again - Very Happy Customer

    “I am so happy I chose to order from XoticPC! Their site is easy to navigate. Their customer service is excellent. Each time I contacted XoticPC, whether it was through email or live chat, they always got back to me within a timely manner. I ordered a MSI GT62VR from them on September 2 and had it in my hands on September 12. I am happy with my purchase and I like knowing that I have access to their lifetime phone support as well as having the option to send my laptop back to XoticPC if I ever want to upgrade anything. I totally recommend ordering from XoticPC.”

  • jchiccarine 8/25/17 5 Stars out of 5
    Xotic PC - Great Service, Beautiful Product

    “I ordered an Xotic PC G6 Viper with a GTX 1080ti, i7 7700k processor and many other great features. During the waiting process, I changed several things and realized that I did not opt in to several freebies (such as RGB lighting). Even though they already had my order and I had already supplied my card info, they went above and beyond to make sure that it turned out exactly as I wanted it. They gave me the RGB lighting for free, as well as some other freebies (tshirt, mousepad, mortar mouse). They even upgraded my graphics card the day i requested it. All in all, it took about 25 days to be built, shipped, and arrive. It would have been even shorter, but the shipping/packing machine malfunctioned adding a few days to my wait time. Throughout the process, they even have a progress meter telling you which phase your unit is in (inventory gathering, build, paint, ship, etc). Overall, I am very happy with how it came out. When it arrived to me, it was neatly packaged in such a way that Xotic pc used bags filled with foam that hardened to match the form of my pc. My experience was wonderful with every person I talked to (especially Jake M. who went above and beyond for me several times). The PC turned out beautifully and I will definitely order from Xotic again in the future! Great Service and a beautiful product all in one package!!!”

  • KRouss2017 8/22/2017 5 Stars out of 5

    “Xotic Pc has given me the best computer reseller/modification service I could ask for. It was my first time custom ordering a laptop and adding modifications and it was very important for me to make sure I was getting the best brand for work ( 3D modeling, vfx/compositing, Photoshop, and rendering + animation ! ). Prior to seeing all the brands they worked with I had only heard of Asus as the top gaming and mobile workstation brand. I must have called Xotic Pc over 10 times asking for their personal opinions on which laptop and brand would be the best for the work that I do, that also has a rgb keyboard, AND as a female, which laptop isn’t going to be too heavy and break my back with all of the power I’m attempting to pack into it. They answered all my questions multiple times and I went with getting a customized Aorus laptop. The shipping and service was fast and reliable - I had email notifications and some text notifications letting me know the status of my order each step along the way. I would definitely recommend Xotic Pc for any future laptop/desktop modifications and custom orders - they were great ! Thanks to the whole team at Xotic Pc and Emily specifically for answering many of my questi”

  • avinc02 07/23/2017 5 Stars out of 5
    Ten Stars

    “No stage of the process that wasn’t fantastic. I needed the power and storage of a gaming computer for non-gaming purposes and they were unbelievably patient with several chats and phone calls of a huge number of questions. As soon as I paid I started getting e-mails about every stage of the build. It was an MSI Apache 447 with 7700 Quad Core, 32GB of RAM, Samsung SSD primary and 2TB Firecuda hybrid secondary. It arrived in perfect condition. I waited until I had time to properly set it up, with my paper and pen to write down error codes through the boot procedure. I turned it on and in just over a second, without a sound or pop up warning, the desktop appeared. GPU was overclocked but cool. No fan sound, ever, so far. I opened up five videos and had them all running at the same time. I don’t the machine noticed I was there. It’s been about a week now and there is no peripheral device or program that has caused it to so much as hiccup. Super service, super friendly, super nice product, super fast, no bloatware and ever a nice T-Shirt. Recommend this machine and XoticPC without reservation or hesitation. Thanks Exotic PC, thanks Eric (one very long chat) and Emily (for following up and following through the entire process) - so kind. ”

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