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Here at XOTIC PC, our customers needs come first. Our goal is to serve our customers by pampering them with the quality of service they deserve. We take pride in our superior customer service and our award-winning technical support. Don't take our word for it see what some of the following third party websites say about us and some of our customer testimonials below.
We view every customer as a customer for life. “Total Customer Satisfaction” is our standard. Our knowledgeable account managers will guide you through your whole experience with XOTIC PC, and continue to be your point of contact after the sale. In addition, our highly trained technicians are ready and eager to help you with any problems that arise. Furthermore, our 24 Hour Service assures you quick and expert service when you need it. Your complete and total satisfaction is our greatest ambition!
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  • XOTIC PC has maintained a Lifetime Rating of 9.6 out of 10 or higher rating for Customer Satisfaction. You will find many national brands such as Dell, HP, Gateway and Sony rate 5.5 or below on
  • XOTIC PC is a BBB Accredited business and has consistently maintained a satisfactory rating. The Better Business Bureau has witnessed our dedication to our customers and awarded us to their “Honor Roll” for excellence in customer service and customer satisfaction. To be a BBB Accredited business a business must meet the BBB standards for Trust and maintain all requirements of the BBB Accreditation. BBB Accredited Businesses make a commitment to conduct their business affairs with reliability and integrity, in accordance with the BBB’s standards.
  • When XOTIC PC first started, the majority of our business was done over eBay. XOTIC PC maintained a 99.9% Customer Satisfaction Rating.
  • Read product reviews submitted by customers on our website. Review first-hand feedback from our customers on the models they purchased.
  • XOTIC PC is proud to be an Intel® Channel Partner Premier Member. Members are experts bringing the latest Intel® technology into your home or office. When you work with a Premier Member you get more than affordable, high-performing, reliable technology solutions. You also get the expertise to ensure that the technology you invest in is built for what matters most to you or your business. Buy from a trusted source that has achieved Premier Status with a major technology manufacturer.
  • XOTIC PC offers its own forums where you as a customer can check out the latest product reviews, read about which laptop may be suitable for you, find general computer and laptop questions and answers, and troubleshoot any technical problems or questions you may have. It’s the perfect online computer community and we invite you to check it out by clicking here.
  • njacques 06/12/2017 5 Stars out of 5
    7 laptops shipped ahead of schedule

    “I ordered seven laptops custom engraved and they were shipped ahead of schedule. The art team was easy to work with and the customer service rocked! I like their auto update system on your computers build process. Very helpful Nick Jaccques”

  • KentNelson-44077 06/10/2017 5 Stars out of 5
    Service World Class

    “Despite the amazing website interface and ample supply of expert information, I kept changing my mind on what build I wanted (over 5 times). All the while, XoticPC was beyond friendly, professional, and helpful in taking care of ALL of my order edits. I got exactly what I wanted and the sales staff was integral to that process. Not to mention, they beat all the competition out of the water for pricing.

    I now have my gaming setup and it is nothing short of what you would expect from a world-class service like XoticPC. This is my 3rd laptop from them in 8 years, and I already know where my fourth will be coming from. How they manage it is beyond me.”

  • PC_3nthus3d 05/04/2017 5 Stars out of 5
    Amazing. Won’t go elsewhere now.

    “ From the beginning...

    Their site is amazing. Smooth and fast, and contains all of the information you need to COMPLETELY customise your order. Once you get through all of the options and have your perfect setup, there are constant sales and deals to take the edge off of a price.

    The custom etching process is something I wanted, but was unsure of. I decided to go ahead with it. I am so glad that I did. Within a day, they received my order, etched my custom images (which you e-mail to them, and they can be pretty detailed), and sent it back to continue the process. They did it well within a single work day. Once that process was done, they completed my burn-in and benchmarks and had the product shipped within a day later than that. The entire process was blazing fast, and I received constant e-mail and/or text updates for every step of the process. Any time I had a question, they VERY quickly responded (as in, within an hour).

    I’ve never had a better customer service experience, and having received the product and thoroughly tested it, I’ve never received a product more AS PROMISED and absolutely amazing. Zero flaws that I’ve found so far. No signs of tampering, despite ordering custom thermal pasting and internal equipment, I received everything I ordered as promised (with good sale discounts), and got a free game deal from both the i7 processor deal AND the GTX deal, as promised.

    I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! I would recommend their services to anybody/everybody that is looking into one of the models available through their services.”

  • BlushBarracuda-41796 05/02/2017 5 Stars out of 5
    Amazing Company and Products

    “I recently bought the Dominator Pro 450 and it has definitely exceeded my expectations. It is an amazing piece of hardware that has been able to take on any game I’ve thrown at it. The cooling system is amazing. I have yet to experience any throttling.

    Customer service is also very responsive and satisfying. Everyone I have spoken with has been professional and great at providing fast resolutions. I will buy again! Thanks again for your amazing services!”

  • EmmittMcCurdy 04/21/2017 5 Stars out of 5
    Xotic PC made it right

    “My review is mixed and would have been a lot lower if it wasn’t for Jake M at Xotic PC. I looked for almost half a year for a pretty powerful laptop that I could game on. I travel a lot so a desktop wasn’t really ideal. Finally found and read a lot about sager. I decided to finally buy one, I felt great and everything was going swimmingly. Then my package shows up and the box is empty except for a special item that I got with the order, but no laptop. I called and Jake was very informative, and said he would look into it. About 4 days later he found that the laptop was lost in transit. They replace and rebuilt the laptop. Jake stayed with me the whole time until it was completed. It took an extra month to receive it but atlas I did receive it, and I never felt like I was being brushed off. Customer service was great, UPS losing the package was not fun though. Xotic PC made it right though.

    TL:DR -Xotic PC made it right when UPS lost my laptop. The customer service was fantastic through it all. ”

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