Feel free to tour XOTIC PC's new facility below and see how much we've grown in the past few years. We moved into our brand new, state-of-the-art facility in December of 2011. This 20,000 square foot facility currently houses 34 outstanding, knowledgeable, and highly trained employees, with room to expand comfortably up to 100+ employees!
Dear Friends, Fans & Customers,

Feel free to tour our new facility and see how much
we've grown in the past few years...Enjoy!
XOTIC PC has been on the Better Business Bureau's Honor Roll for the past 3 years and counting! We've also received other awards and high merits such as Intel Platinum (Highest Awarded Honor from Intel), ASUS Recognized Award, & Sager Top Seller Achievement!
Our Verifications Department is here to help ensure that your order is processed quickly and securely...
We even photograph, frame and hang some of our favorite laptop and desktop builds!
Our on site Service & Technical Support Team provides immediate feedback for customers with service, repair, & RMA requests.
Our Marketing & Advertising Department help ensure accurate and clear information is available on our website and other online outlets...
...Our design team not only handles and updates our website, but they do video editing, as well as market and promote our company and products on various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Google+.
Starbucks supplies our knowledgeable team with the energy they need day-in, and day-out!
Our billiards room allows our team to enjoy their breaks when needed and brainstorm amongst each other...
Our entire team of highly trained employees has nearly 200 years of combined computer experience!
Our assembly team's countdown clock helps ensure your quality built computer is out the door and shipped by the guaranteed arrival time!
Controlled entry into all secured areas including our production and assembly facility, as well as round the clock comprehensive video surveillance helps ensure your quality build is safe and properly handled.
Multiple transformers and breaker panels supply more than 1500 AMPS to our facility and power the most demanding machines.
Our new paint booth allows us further unique customization options for our customers. This new paint booth has a 14,000 CFM intake and exhaust, and can bake paints and finishes at 170 degrees, helping to speed up drying and finishing times. With the ability to do on site customization options such as custom painted computers and airbrushing, turnaround times are far higher than other custom computer companies who outsource their customization options.

Our paint booth filters out dangerous paint fumes and particles before releasing the air back out into the environment!

Our new facility features a massive packaging and shipping area, which helps get your next custom built computer to your door faster!
Our new White Glove Premium Packaging option gives you the choice of adding extra security and packaging to your shipment...
Our company continues to expand and grow with the ideals and needs of the customer in mind...
Thank you for touring our brand new facility! Hope you enjoyed the visit.