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What makes XOTIC PC different?

Since our founding in 1999, XOTIC PC INC. has become one of the nation's largest SIs (System Integrator) and has relationships with all of the top computer component and software companies in the world including Intel, AMD, nVIDIA, ATI, Microsoft, and many more. At XOTIC PC, we build some of the most highly regarded computing solutions in the industry for demanding customers who need the highest performance machines with the most reliable components. XOTIC PC is also highly regarded for our excellent customer service and technical support quality.

In addition to quality products, customer service is among our highest priorities. Our philosophy is to extend ourselves indefinitely to our customers in providing for their every need. We will never compromise our efforts to provide the "best overall value" for our customers.

It is through our dedication to excellence that we bring you www.XOTICPC.com, your trusted source for high quality and reliable PCs. With multiple logistics centers nationwide and over fourteen years of experience in the industry, XOTIC PC is your best choice for all of the latest high-performance computing solutions. This website features up-to-date technology information, money-saving promotions and the highest quality products for the lowest prices possible.

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How long will it take to ship my order?

Laptop orders are typically built, tested and shipped in an estimated 9-15 business days after payment is successfully processed. If you are looking to get your laptop sooner we also offer rush services which takes an estimated 1-4 business days after payment is processed.

Desktop orders are typically ship in an estimated 10-20 business days after payment is successfully processed.

Processing/Production time (the time between ordering a product and that product leaving our warehouse) depends on stock availability. Orders begin processing within 1 business day from the time they are received. Please do not count weekends or holidays as business days for processing time.

We do not ship on Saturday, Sunday or holidays. Please allow an additional 24 to 48 hours for weekend orders. For quicker delivery, we ship each item as soon as it is ready, so don't be concerned if your order arrives in separate shipments. To save you money, we calculate shipping charges as if your order shipped all together. Accessories are usually shipped from an alternate location.

Do you ship to APO, FPO, DPO, or international destinations?

Does XOTIC PC offer Free Shipping? How do I get Free Shipping?

We do offer FREE U.S. UPS Ground Shipping on most of our laptops and during promotional periods on other items. To see how to apply and qualify for this free shipping offer, make sure to check laptop and desktop configuration pages:

What are the different Phases my order goes through
and what do they mean?

When ordering your laptop or desktop please keep in mind the time it takes to build and deliver your quality computer to you. We understand it is easy to get excited about your new machine coming, nothing wrong with that. Please take into account various factors such as additional work like skinning or painting (if purchased) and parts availability (various parts can be delayed by the manufacturer). When ordering any new technology, video cards or new models, etc. please be aware of possible delays due to setbacks from the manufactures of said items (which delays availability from vendors to XOTIC PC). This means XOTIC PC must delay orders due to availability. XOTIC PC will keep you updated to any delays as information becomes available.

The following explains the different phases your computer goes through. You will receive email updates throughout the process letting you know what phase your computer is in.

Phase 0 (Payment Processing)

  • All checks (Bank, Business/Company, personal) & Money Orders must clear before orders are moved to production. (Clearing time can take up to 21 business days from when deposited).
  • PayPal eCheck payments require 3-4 business days to clear PayPal's system. Regular PayPal payments are instant and no clearing time is needed.
  • Wire Transfer/EFT Payments. Detailed instructions will be sent to you by email once the order is received and our rebate is applied.
  • Credit Cards are instant forms of payment and there will be no delays (as long as our standard terms are followed with address information on your card).
More info here

Phase 1 (Payment Processed & Inventory Gathering)

Your XOTIC PC order has been successfully processed and payment has been applied to your order. Our billing department is preparing your build/sales order and passing this to the inventory control department so necessary components can be gathered for your order.

Phase 2 (Inventory Allocation)

A special component bin has been assigned for your order. The parts & custom materials needed for your system have been sent to be pulled from inventory & placed in your bin. Once all of the hardware is inside your component bin, it will be proceed to the Custom Modifications or Assembly & Build queue.

Phase 2 (Sager Assembly, Technical Analysis, Stress Testing & QA) (For Sager Systems Only)

A special component bin has been assigned for your order at Sager. The parts & custom materials needed for your system have been sent to be pulled from inventory & placed in your bin. Your order is now placed into one of Sager's specialized test benches in Sager's production department. A dedicated Sager Technician will carefully complete the requested customizations for your order. Sager will install testing, benchmark utilities & burn-in software necessary to scrupulously monitor your system's performance throughout the testing & burn-in process. Afterwards, Sager performs a series of torturous tests that push the hardware components in your system to the very limit. Your system is also undergoing a very thorough quality control analysis to identify any issues that may not have been caught during stress testing. A Sager Quality Assurance Inspector is meticulously inspecting your machine, confirming the configuration & any special requests on your order, double checking the tests / benchmark results & checking over the system with a fine tooth comb.

Phase 3 (Custom Modifications)

Your order is now undergoing custom modification by a skilled XOTIC PC technician. A dedicated XOTIC PC technician will prepare your system for the custom modification purchased. Modifications completed in this stage are Custom Painting, Skinning, Laser Sketching, Custom Backlight Art or Sager Customizations.

Phase 4 (Assembly & Build)

Your order is now placed into one of our specialized test benches in our production department. A dedicated XOTIC PC technician will carefully complete the requested customizations for your order.

Phase 5 (Stress Testing, Burn In, Technical Analysis and Quality Assurance)

Your custom machine has successfully been built & is preparing for analysis & testing. We will install testing, benchmark utilities & burn-in software necessary to scrupulously monitor your system's performance throughout our testing & burn-in process. Afterwards, we perform a series of torturous tests that push the hardware components in your system to the very limit.

Your system will also undergo a very thorough quality control analysis to identify any issues that may not have been caught during stress testing. An XOTIC PC Quality Assurance Inspector will meticulously inspect your machine, confirm the configuration & any special requests on your order.

Phase 6 (Final Testing & Quality Assurance)

Your custom machine has successfully been built and passed our stress-testing, validating the integrity & stability of your system. Your system has also passed a very thorough quality control analysis, completing the final phase in the process.

Your XOTIC PC custom computer is being hand packaged by a certified shipping technician and is verified by the shipping carrier.

Can I use multiple discounts or coupon codes on an order?

Customers are welcome to pick which coupon will save them the most. Customers may use our cash discount in combination with other sales promotions offered. When using other discounts/promotions with our cash discount, the cash discount is 2%. Outside of this XOTIC PC allows one coupon/discount per order. For more information on qualified payment methods for use with our cash discount please go to our payment information page here. Any discounts outside of our cash discount cannot be combined with a price match.

Coupon codes are offered on select models and only available on models they are directly advertised on.

Does XOTIC PC offer Student or Military Discounts?

XOTIC PC provides both student and military discounts. To qualify for these discounts you must be active in the Military or an active Student. After order processing XOTIC PC will request either a copy of your Military ID or Student ID for verification (other means can be used to verify your student or military association). To utilize a student or military discount please enter "student" or "military" in the comment box at the bottom of the product customization page. If you have any questions please email [email protected].

XOTIC PC would like to give thanks to our active Military personnel by offering addition discounts to those that serve our Country. Military Discounts can range from $30.00-$50.00 on qualified models. After your order is submitted, you will be informed of your final discount. Military Discount totals can vary based on what laptop or desktop you're interested in, and the number of upgrades, services or customization options you select.

XOTIC PC's Military Discount cannot be stacked with other discounts or promotions. If you have any questions regarding XOTIC PC's Student and Military Discounts, please contact us.

**Student discount only applicable during designated promotional period.
**Military discounts apply to select models listed on our website.

Does XOTIC PC offer Price Protection?

Our industry is volatile and we witness increases or decreases in parts pricing nearly every day. XOTIC PC guarantees its pricing up until the day the order ships from the production facility. (If it is a Sager model we guarantee pricing up until the day it ships from the Sager Facility)

*Price-drop request must be received prior to the shipment processing.

Does XOTIC PC offer discounts when purchasing 2 or more laptops?

XOTIC PC is one of the only companies to offer special bundling discounts if you purchase 2 or more laptops. This is a great offer for any business, but applies to every customer on every laptop. No matter which laptops you are looking for and no matter what quantity you´re requesting, speak with your sales associate and ask them about our bundling package deals that are currently available. If you would like to request a bundling discount if you´re planning to purchase 2 or more laptops, request a quote from a sales associate by e-mail us at: [email protected].

How long does it take to process an order?

Most orders are processed within 24 hours of your order being submitted. After an order is processed it goes through production and testing and onto shipment. In the event USPS is chosen, there can be a minimal delay with this shipping method due to us having to manually take USPS packages to the Post Office for processing. XOTIC PC has a Daily UPS pick up and typically ship out faster than USPS.

What happens if I remove my Primary Hard Drive?

If you have removed your Primary Hard Drive you would lose your OS installation if your model originally came with an Operating System. Models that do not come with any Operating System would require a Hard Drive and an Operating System to be installed.
We provide a option to install on a seondary drive, to find out more information on this please speak with your Verifications or Sales Representative.

How do I make changes to my order?

XOTIC PC welcomes changes to existing orders. Order changes take 24 to 48 business hours complete. Order Changes could become incomplete if shipment takes place during the processing time of the changes.
If you would like to make changes to your order, please fill out our change order form by clicking here.

How do I cancel an order/item?

If you would like to cancel your order or an item from your order, please click here and fill out our cancel order form.

  • Any laptop orders cancelled after moving into inventory allocation phase (Phase 2) are subject to a 3% cancel fee due to the high amount of labor involved.
  • If you decide to cancel your desktop order and your order has already gone into the inventory allocation phase (Phase 2) a 15% restocking fee will be assessed due to the high amount of labor involved.
  • Any order that has custom modifications (skinning, painting, etching) and has proceeded to inventory allocation phase (Phase 2) a 15% restocking fee will be assessed due to the high amount of labor involved.
  • Canceled orders may take 24-48 business hours to complete. If shipment takes place before cancellation is completed, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

My order never arrived or my accessories haven't been delivered?

How do I return my product or get an RMA Number?

All RMA Numbers are issued by our customer support department. Click here to request an RMA number, return a product or computer for a refund or exchange, or request technical support. Custom parts are NON-REFUNDABLE if the order is canceled or returned.

Can I return a skinned, wrapped or laser-sketched laptop or desktop?

Because a custom painted or skinned notebook that is returned to us cannot be sold unless we pay to have the custom paintwork or skin removed or covered, we will charge a restocking fee for custom painted and skinned computers of 15%.

Desktops with custom painting, custom skins, and/or other possibly irreversible finishes are automatically charged a 20% restocking fee, regardless of when the desktop is returned. XOTIC PC does not accept returns for refund after 30 days (30 days from date of shipment).

The return period is 15 days from ship date for custom painted or skinned machines.

Because laser-etching is a permanent application; returns cannot be accepted on any laptops or desktops with this customization option.

What are XOTIC PC Services ("XPC Service")?

Our goal at XOTIC PC is to offer our customers the largest selection of customization options and personalization services.

Due to the amount of time spent customizing and testing computer systems, XOTIC PC Services are non-refundable services. In laptop and desktop configuration pages, any option labeled "XPC Service" is a service from XOTIC PC which is non-refundable upon the return or cancellation of any system.

These services will add approximately 4-7 business days to build times on Sager laptops, because Sager laptops have to ship from Sager's facility in California to the XOTIC PC facility located in Nebraska to receive these services.

If you have any questions regarding our services, return or cancellation policies, please contact us directly.

What does Limited Availability / Back-Order / Pre-Order / ETA Status mean?

(General Website Terminology)

Limited Availability:
Means that quantities of accessories, laptops, desktops, or parts for laptops and/or desktops are extremely limited and may already be spoken for on pending/existing orders. For exact parts and product quantities and availability; it's advised that you speak with a sales representative directly.

Means that an item or model has recently been released from a manufacturer but has not yet been released and/or shipped to an XOTIC PC facility. In regards to laptop pre-orders; some specifications may be subject to change by the manufacturer or upon arrival to an XOTIC PC facility after initial inspection by our highly trained technicians. Component configurations are subject to change while an item and/or model is in pre-order status.

Status states that an item maybe out sold or discontinued by the manufacturer, or inventory may be temporarily or permanently depleted at an XOTIC PC facility. In regards to laptop back-orders; if you have a specific need-by date and you've ordered a back-ordered item or machine, you may be advised to change your laptop order to a model and/or part that is comparable in configuration and is in stock.

Means estimated arrival date at the manufacturer. Customized units for particular brands will require additional transit time to XOTIC PC facilities.

How do I get Technical Support?

When will I get my tracking number?

Tracking numbers are updated either the evening of or morning following shipment. You will get a tracking number you can use to track the package through UPS, FED EX or USPS (package #).

Do you accept International Orders and how is the warranty handled?

XOTIC PC gladly accepts International Orders. For any International Order (Outside of US/Canada/PR/GU) we require payment via Bank Wire. For any Warranty the customer is responsible for shipping both ways to our service center in the US.

XOTIC PC provides International Shipping via UPS and USPS. UPS is our recommended option for International Customers. USPS provides slower transit times and if the package is lost or damaged the USPS claim process can take much more time then UPS.

What are my payment choices?

Please see acceptable payment methods below or you can view more information on our payment information page here.

Credit Cards:
We accept US/Canada Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards Please be sure to provide your exact billing address and telephone number--the address and phone number your credit card company has on file for you. Incorrect information may cause a delay in processing your order. We never bill for credit card service fees. You can be confident that your personal and account information is secure. We employ the latest encryption technology in all parts of our site that require any personal information.

Bank Wire Transfers, Checks & Money Orders:
We accept bank wire transfers, personal checks, company checks, cashier's checks and money orders.

Simply place an online order, then mail your check or money order with a printed copy of your order confirmation page to:

   4000 Lowell Circle
   Lincoln, NE 68502
   Attn: Accounts Receivable

Please write your order number or auction number on the check.

We process your order after we receive your money order or cashier's check.
For personal and company checks, we process your order after the funds clear. Please allow 21 business days after receipt for clearance of funds before the order is processed. We cannot guarantee the availability of a product by the time payment is received and funds clear. Starter checks are not accepted.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

We charge sales tax for orders shipped within Nebraska. Sales tax is automatically computed on product(s) costs. To see the total sales tax charged on your order, click on the checkout button underneath your mini-shopping cart on the left of the page. For Sager Orders where the customer resides in California, XOTIC PC will cover the added shipping expense to have your machine sent into our Nebraska facility to avoid California Taxes (by default). If a customer prefers to pay the California Tax, this can be set up by request.

Do you charge for back-ordered or pre-ordered items? What is a Pre Order?

By default we will not charge for a back ordered item. We will charge once the item is in stock and available. Special requests can be made by emailing [email protected]. A Pre-Order is an order for an item that has not been released. A Pre Order is placed to reserve your spot in line once the manufacturer releases these items and starts shipping. This secures your order and ensures you receive one of these highly anticipated items as soon as possible.

Do I have to Pay Duties/Taxes on shipments shipping outside of the US?

All International Customers (including Canada) will have to pay Taxes/Duties upon receipt of their package. These charges are not charged by XOTIC PC. They are charged by the shipping carrier at the time of delivery. To find out more information or receive an estimate on the taxes/duties due please contact UPS at 1-800-782-7892. Customers can avoid UPS's brokerage fees by selecting the UPS Express shipping option in our checkout system. In addition to taxes, Brokerage fee's are approximately $80 that can be avoided with the UPS Express shipping option.

Benefits of an Extended Warranty Plan & How long can I purchase the Warranty?

Sometimes trying to communicate with manufacturers can be difficult, and finding a quality service center isn't easy either. Extended Warranty Plans do all the legwork for you.

For 1, 2, or 3 years beyond the manufacturer's warranty we will repair/replace your defective product and return the repaired item to you. You'll be able to request a repair through our Technical support.

Our Extended Warranty Plans can be purchased up to 90 Days from Ship Date. Any Accidental Warranty cannot be added, unless it is shipped to XOTIC PC for inspection first.

How do I request a repair?

When you purchase an Extended Warranty you can call our technical support group and request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Once you have set up your RMA, then ship the product back to us and we will take over from there. It's that easy! When the repair is completed the unit will once again be shipped via UPS ground to you. All charges for shipping, packaging and insurance (to you) are covered by your Warranty Plan. However, you are responsible for all shipping charges to ship the defective product to us unless specified otherwise. It is strongly recommended before sending in a laptop for repair to back up your personal data.

When does warranty coverage begin?

If purchased in conjunction with new computer hardware, your Warranty Plan begins immediately. Any problems relating to defective exchanges or returns that arise during the return/exchange time period will be in accordance with such policies.

  • Does XOTIC PC offer an Affiliate Program?

    Now you can earn great commission just for referring new customers to the XOTIC PC Web site. We provide everything you need to create text links, product displays and banner ads that will attract your Web site visitors to XOTIC PC. If they buy anything while they browse, you earn commission on the sale!

    Even more exciting is the ability to increase your earnings by referring other Affiliates to our site. Put the Web to work for you by earning a percentage of every new customer referred, not only from your own Web site, but from the Web site of those affiliates you have sent our way!

    For more information about our program, please click here.
    Click here for our Affiliate FAQ page.

    How secure is XOTIC PC?

    We promise that your information is secure. We promise to protect your personal information. Any page that asks you for personal information is highly secure. Our secure servers protect your information using advanced encryption and firewall technology throughout the ordering process. Most browsers will show a lock icon in the bottom status bar on secure pages. Look for this icon on any web page that asks for your personal information. To further ensure your security, we use state-of-the-art SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect your personal information from unauthorized use.

    What customization options does XOTIC PC offer?

    XOTIC PC offers some of the most unique laptop and desktop customization options around, allowing you to personalize your next PC purchase to the extreme.

    Click here to view all of XOTIC PC's customization options.
    Click here to view XOTIC PC's skins and skinning information.

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