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Braden Steel - 09/08/2013 3 of 5 Stars!
I\'ve had this laptop for about a year and a half, and i must say im a little disappointed at this point in its stability. My video card went out on me, luckily IN the warranty time. So i had to send the laptop off and get a new video card. Ultimately i was without it for about a month and a half between xotic helping me troubleshoot and setting up the RMA service to MSI. A couple months ago this laptop started randomly shutting itself down. Sometimes it\'ll go couple days of gaming, animation and rendering with no problems. Then one day i\'ll be surfing the net and it\'ll shut off and a couple seconds later turn itself back on. No error messages, no warnings, no crash reports... just off and on again. I believe that the adaptor is dying and surging the laptop. The restarts only happen when the laptop is plugged in, has never happened on battery. After a bunch of troubleshooting with xotic\'s tech guys the problem persists. For a laptop that is only 1.5 years old, i feel like its falling apart already, and im kind of disappointed... =(
Trung Trinh Tran thi - 08/23/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
good product, i like your product, because it's strong,cool and fast.My job is hard then i like your product .Good products !
Do H-L - 05/24/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
Had the laptop for ~2 months. I7-2670QM (one step up from default) NVidia GTX 580m 2GB (best Graphics card availible for the model, currently tied in market performance with the GTX 675m) 2x 750GB 7200 RPM drives... Glare Screen w/ 72% color gamut also got a Razer Orochi and 17" laptop cooler with it. Mouse is pretty good but the laptop cooler leaves some to be desired. I digress. With this setup, I can run Crysis 2 on Very High with Direct X 11 and High Res Textures enabled with a near constant 30FPS on the max 1920x1080 res. Very impressive, for a laptop. Hopefully will upgrade the ram to a higher MHz later on, perhaps an SSD... That's the great thing, a customizable laptop... you know that you can change pretty much anything about it. Personal prefrence as well, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO BRANDING whatsoever anywhere on the laptop's outside which is also nice...
Phillip Loftin - 04/09/2012 4 of 5 Stars!
Have had my system for about 1 week so this is the short of it for now. Upgrade to lowest level I7, fastest 8GB ram. 70% gloss screen. Faster 700 GB hard drive. Mostly the rest of it was stock. Pros: The system runs beautifully on all programs including SWTOR. It runs more smoothly than my PC which I jsut put a larger and faster video card into. The screen is gorgeous with colors and clarity. I am extreamly happy with the system. Cons: Took about 2 months for the system to be built due to back order backlit keyboard, another delay due to CPU back order. Gaming mouse not avaialbe when the system was built so they subbed a microsoft standard wireless mouse. Unit is heavier than I expected and definitely builds up heat if you keep it in your lap running high graphics, but that is expected (get a heat plate or shield from Xoticpc or Tigerdirect. I will update in the future if things change.
Braden Steel - 02/25/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
My specs : i7 2670 16gig 1600mz CL9 ram GTX 580m 2gig video card (2) 750gig 7200rpm HD Im a student in Gaming and Animation so i needed a laptop that could handle some pretty hefty work. This laptop does just that. I can easily work on a couple hundred thousand polygons in Maya and about 8Million polygons in Mudbox (for those of you who care) Gaming wise, Skyrim, BF3, Just Cause 2, Deus EX HR, Crysis 2 and GTA4 so far have all ran in full 1080p DX11 when applicable and all on Ultra settings, everything maxed and all still gets high average FPS. No major slow downs from what ive seen keeping everything VERY playable on ULTRA! the 1080p matte screen looks awesome. This screen is fantastic to work on, even in a super sunny room, everything is bright and easy to see. Best part is i cant see myself reflecting in the screen. It also connects and displays flawlessly to my Cintiq 12wx The keyboard is a big factor for me on a laptop, i didnt get the steelseries keyboard BUT i am planning on upgrading to it later(it was out of stock when i ordered). But for now im on stock, which isnt that bad actually. Its a sturdy feeling keyboard, not much flex at all in it surprisingling. The keys them self have a very quiet chatter. The only really odd thing about this keyboard is the \ key between the backspace and enter is ALSO located between the spacebar and left alt. So there is 2 keys for \, that second one is kind of odd being there, im not ganna lie. Not a deal breaker by any means, just kinda odd. General performance is fantastic. On a cold boot to windows log in screen takes about 35 seconds, windows navigation is smooth and i havnt hit any hicups. I didnt get windows 7 with my order couse i own several copies. Installation took less then 1 hour, and i had all the drivers installed and working in just a few minutes. Every button on the soft-keys works perfectly. Very pleased as far as that goes The support i got while ordering and building was fantastic! Derek Smith was my sales agent and i must say im EXTREMELY impressed with him. He was very well informed as far as the hardware for my laptop was concerned and helped me get the best. Im a very impatient person and was probably online with him almost every day getting updates on the laptop. Derek stayed very calm with me and help me figure everything out i need help with. Even after i got the laptop, i had a boot error coming up that Derek talked me through very patiently and we had it fixed in just a few minutes. If anything brings me back here for my next purchase it is notably the support these guys give in EVERY step of the way. I felt Derek was just as concerned with my order as i was and i greatly appreciate that =D Ultimately I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, XoticPc has completely won me over for my next laptop and im recommending them to EVERYONE i know looking to buy too. Thank a ton team! U guys rock!! ~Steel
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