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Intel Core i9 X-Series chip.

Introducing the Intel® X299 Chipset and the New Intel® Core X-Series Processor Family

The Intel® X299 chipset, which supports the Intel® Core X-series processor family, provides the best-in-class platform for gaming, content creation and overclocking for your XOTIC PC desktop. Whether it is responsiveness, expandability or performance, the Intel® X299 chipset and Intel® Core X-series processor will arm you with Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 and Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology to deliver the processing power and help you easily reach your goals. Step into a new world of gaming and creation with the Intel® X299 chipset and gain the power and performance to surpass your boundaries.

Intel Core i5, i7 and i9 X-Series chips.

Incredible Unlocked Capabilities 1

The Intel® X299 chipset and Intel® Core X-series processor family brings new unlocked base clock capabilities. Unlock your individual cores and memory frequencies to amazing levels while having the flexibility to keep other areas within specifications. With support for Intel® Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP), Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility, and the Intel® Performance Tuning Protection Package Plan, the capabilities of the Intel® X299 chipset and new Intel® Core X-series processor family is a threat to every world record.


Superb PC Gaming and Creation Experiences

Immerse yourself in a bank of the highest resolution monitors with support for up to 44 lanes of PCI Express 2 3.0 from the processor for the ultimate 12K game play experience. With the new Intel® Core i9-7900X processor featuring 10 cores and 20 threads you can get unprecedented performance for advanced gaming and VR. Artists and designers will appreciate the Intel® X299 chipset and Intel® Core X-series processor family to deliver the most exciting content as evolving technology continues support creativity. From 3D and 2D modeling to post production, your tools will run superbly on the Intel® X299 chipset and Intel® Core X-series processor family.

Intel Core i5, i7, and i9 X-Series chips.

Storage Capabilities Expanded

With the Intel® X299 chipset, your options for storage will be unbounded. Integrated USB 3.0 makes moving files to your tablet and smartphone blazing fast. RAID support on PCI Express 3 and Serial ATA storage devices enables speedy app launch and allows your data backups to finish in a flash! Enable blazing fast data transfers with support for PCIe3 3.0 storage devices. The Intel® X299 chipset supports Intel® Optane memory with intelligent software which provides performance improvements as well as fast app response times for system acceleration and responsiveness.

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1 Altering clock frequency or voltage may damage or reduce the useful life of the processor and other system components, and may reduce system stability and performance. Product warranties may not apply if the processor is operated beyond its specifications. Check with the manufacturers of system and components for additional details. For more information, visit: .

2 , 3 Intel® Optane memory requires specific hardware and software configuration. Visit for configuration requirements. ,