Best Motherboards for AMD's

Advanced Micro Devices® (AMD) is one of the most popular processor brands on the market

Best Motherboards for the New Intel Chips

Intel® recently unveiled their latest generation processors, which are perfect for gamers and content creators alike.

Building a Value Gaming PC

Whether you’re interested in the latest graphics or an improved display for immersive gameplay, there’s no more rewarding way to game than with a tricked-out rig you built yourself.

Computer Maintenance

In the fast-paced rhythm of this digital life, we often forget that our computers require a little tender loving care.

Gaming Sound Systems Guide

First-person shooters, multi-players, and pixelated paradises may rely on quality graphics, but there is an integral accessory that most enthusiasts forget to explore.

Computer Safety

Even if you’re new to the computing world, you know that your personal computer is always at risk for malware and viruses.

PC Drivers

Unless you’re new to the world of PC components, you know that the driver is essential to hardware communication.

How to Set Up Multiple Monitors

Nowadays, it’s all about screen real estate. Multiple monitor displays are especially useful for software developers, graphic designers, hardcore gaming enthusiasts, or people that work in financial services.

Extra Energy Costs Associated with Gaming PCs

According to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the typical gaming computer consumes as much power each year as approximately three refrigerators.

How to Check RAM Functionality

Chip creep and random failures are among the headaches we endure in terms of random access memory.

Benefits of a 4k Monitor

Similar to televisions, computers undergo tremendous aesthetic and systematic change as the years go by.

Aggregate CPU Frequency

As central processing unit hardware continuously evolves, why do our performance tests and analysis methodologies seem to lag behind?

Essential Components of a Gaming PC

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or an after-hours warrior, there’s nothing better than a tricked-out gaming PC to enjoy the experience.

Differences Between Consumer and Gaming Computers

The digital age is upon us, and there are more options than ever before that make entertainment and work easier.

Intro to PC Building

When it comes to hardcore gaming, smartphones and tablet just won’t do. Hardcore gaming requires the right gear, and there is no better way to dive headfirst into a first-person shooter or fast-action multiplayer than with a custom PC you built on your own.