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Read What Others Are Saying

Read What Others Are Saying
Sager NP7358 (Clevo W350SS) - [ETA: July 28] by Jacob Swenson Date Added: Wednesday 16 July, 2014
Sager NP7358 (Clevo W350SS) - [ETA: July 28] The Sager NP7358 is an amazing laptop. It's very powerful especially for it's price. Aesthetically it looks very nice with a dark gray heavy duty casing. The build quality is excellent and very durable. The laptop is very easily customizable with all the hard drive, ram and msata ports easily accessible. I highly recommend this laptop and even recently got a friend of mine to purchase the exact same one. It really is an amazing deal. My only complaints about the laptop are that the touchpad can be a little funky sometimes but not horrible and the speakers are a little on the weak side. Neither of these should be deal breakers for the amazing power held inside this laptop!..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Sager NP8268-S (Clevo P150SM-A) by Shane Scranton Date Added: Thursday 10 July, 2014
Sager NP8268-S (Clevo P150SM-A) I can't believe the price on this thing, it's cheaper than a desktop build with similar specs - if you're looking for a high powered gaming laptop this a far and away your best choice.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
GIGABYTE P34Gv2-CF2 by Henry Aldridge Date Added: Sunday 06 July, 2014
GIGABYTE P34Gv2-CF2 I received this from Xotic PC about a few weeks ago (with thermal paste upgrade) and I'm impressed. I wanted something that was more powerful than my old ultrabook and had some decent gaming chops. This thing fits the bill. The P34GV2 looks conservative and understated, rather than flashy and "gamer" looking, so it could be easily used in a business setting. The bottom and lid is made of plastic, which is removable to access the Ram slots, mSata SSD and HDD. The the deck where your palms rest is made of metal, which is a nice touch. The keyboard feels great to type on. In my laptop search it ultimately came down to the razer blade 14 and this. The 2013 blade was nice, but had a poor screen for the price point. The ultra-high res, touch and glossy screen they put on the new razer blade is pretty much overkill in my opinion. I pretty much got the P34GV2 with similar specs for several hundred dollars less than for what the 2014 blades are going for. The components are also more user..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Sager NP8268-S (Clevo P150SM-A) by David Butler Date Added: Tuesday 01 July, 2014
Sager NP8268-S (Clevo P150SM-A) After 3 days of playing with this laptop, the honeymoon is still going strong! I replace my laptop once every 5 years, so like other reviewers, I was window-shopping for a couple of months before deciding on this model. This is my first Sager and I am very pleased with the product. Nothing has behaved oddly or been different than promised. There is no bloatware, the touchpad is awesome, and I am remembering how much I enjoy a backlit keyboard. The value continues to surprise me. I replaced the spinney hard drive (do they still make those?) with the 1 TB Samsung and the system runs absolutely silently. I also went for 16 GB of RAM, the Big Networks Killer network card (my home has wireless issues), the Copper Cooling, overclocked the Operating System, and went for Windows 7. All that came out UNDER $2400. See what that price gets you from Alienware, ASUS or even MSI ... no contest! I was also impressed with the customer service at XoticPC. Through no fault of theirs, Sager was sho..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Sager NP7358 (Clevo W350SS) - [ETA: July 28] by Kenneth Steffman Date Added: Friday 27 June, 2014
Sager NP7358 (Clevo W350SS) - [ETA: July 28] I have this laptop with the 16GB of RAM configuration, and IC Diamond Thermal Compound. As a benchmark, I decided to run FTB Monster (Feed The Beast is a version of Minecraft, but heavily modified). Monster has a total of 184 mods active, making it one of the most resource-demanding games that exists at the moment, consuming 5-6 GB with Opti-Fine loaded (Optifine is a mod that improves the graphics quality of the game) and on maximum settings. It runs very smoothly, without lagg, and the only thing I notice is that it gets hot on occasion after playing for a long time. I am thoroughly impressed with this computer, and personally don't believe you can get better for the price. Period...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Sager NP7378 (Clevo W370SS) by Minh Dao Date Added: Friday 06 June, 2014
Sager NP7378 (Clevo W370SS) I purchased this laptop after careful consideration between it and the NP8298 model, and I'm perfectly happy with my choice. The NP7378 is less powerful, but only marginally so. It can easily handle all but the most demanding tasks I give it. Updating the drivers and setting up my security software did take a while, but it is hyper responsive and runs very cool at about 45 degrees Celsius, probably due in no small part to the GTX 860 2 gb Maxwell vs the GTX 860 4 gb Kepler that comes with the NP8298. Just a few issues, however. I installed Windows 7 Professional, and the audio drivers that came with the OS conflicted with the HD VDeck driver provided on the driver disc from Sager, resulting in no sound due to repeated crashing. I ended up not installing it because of this. The Synaptics Touchpad driver provided was incompatible with the Windows 7 OS as well, so I had to update that once I got an internet connection. But now I have at my fingertips a beast of a laptop that, tri..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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