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We specialize in meticulously crafted, fine-tuned, gaming notebooks, laptops and PC's by Sager, Asus, Compal and MSI

Read What Others Are Saying

Read What Others Are Saying
MSI GP70 Leopard Pro-486 by Pam Colquitt Date Added: Tuesday 30 June, 2015
MSI GP70 Leopard Pro-486 Fast, dependable, efficient; these are just a small portion of traits that this magnificent computer has. For a $1000 dollar computer, I feel that this is a great price that you can not beat for a laptop this compatible. The only problem that I can see, is the Steel-series keyboard that comes with the laptop does not light up like you would expect. Over all great computer that runs extremely fast, the graphics are breathtaking to see, and the looks of the computer are structured and good looking. I am extremely happy that I have purchased this computer and highly recommend this computer or another brand of MSI. :)..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
AORUS X7 Pro G-SYNC by Julian Vivar Date Added: Monday 22 June, 2015
AORUS X7 Pro G-SYNC While I have the X7 Pro, and not the G-Sync version, the only real difference is the G-Sync technology included. As a system overall, I can truly say that Aorus makes some badass machines. And XoticPC definitely helps make them top-notch. It may be slightly on the expensive side, but it's totally worth it, I believe. The only downsides that I can see is that when I carry it, despite being a strong laptop, it always feels like it's gonna break, which I guess means it's just that light. The other is that the touch-pad isn't exactly my favorite. It's a glass touch-pad like a smartphone, so it doesn't have the greatest traction. But every other aspect is just brilliant. I highly recommend getting it if you don't mind buying a separate mouse :P (unless you like glass touch-pads)...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
ASUS G751JT-DH72 by Cody Rumburg Date Added: Saturday 21 March, 2015
ASUS G751JT-DH72 I purchased this laptop from XoticPC around November 2014 I think. it was one of the few laptops at the time that had the GTX 970M at a good price in a well known laptop distributor (Asus ROG). My last gaming laptop was a sager/clevo laptop and it was a piece of crap. components overheated, the keyboard was so terrible you had to bring an external one to type anything, and the battery life was around 1 hour. So this time I decided to go with a more well known and a little pricey-er laptop in hopes of getting better quality for my money.This laptop has been a breath of fresh air. It can go about 3 hours of moderate use on battery. I can play hearthstone on it battery powered for about 2 hours. I play games such as skyrim with mods, world of warcraft with mods, starcraft, boarderlands the pre sequel, league of legends, and a few other steam games. I have been able to play all of these games max settings (skyrim for several hours at a time) with the laptop staying at a decent temperature...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
MSI AG270 2QE-037US by Matthew Vazquez Date Added: Wednesday 11 February, 2015
MSI AG270 2QE-037US This AIO performs wonderfully for what it is. While the raw power of a desktop is not immediately present, the 27" AIO carries some of the same potency and performance as the strong laptops available through the market with the reduced footprint of not having a tower and large mess of cables to deal with. The system is very quick and responsive to powering on and off, and with core programs installed on the RAID0 SSDs, waiting on startups/loads is trivial. With the standard OS and MSI/Manufacturer programs, there was approximately 200gb of available space on the twin 126gb SSDs, plenty of room for a select group of core programs. The 2TB data drive was totally empty, which is a glorious sight. The AIO has handled a large number of tasks, from gaming to use of the Unity3D game engine for building/compiling projects with ease, and the touch-screen has found a niche in navigating through non-game programs (Unity's editor has been very easy to use). The included mouse is a bit on th..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
MSI GS70 Stealth Pro-003 by Bryan Pardy Date Added: Wednesday 29 October, 2014
MSI GS70 Stealth Pro-003 Hey everyone, Just got my laptop today and it got here quick as it should since I paid for rush shipping and build. Everything came as expected and described with a few exceptions. The computer is fast, works great and I have no issues with it. Great laptop,\light, looks sleek in every way. My issue was with a graphic, looks great but seems a little detail has been lost and blurred a little bit but still looks fantastic. Another thing that I was semi caught off guard was the tax/duty fees. I knew i was going to have to pay some money but $380 was crazy and i was definitely not happy so if you are paying for a higher end laptop be ready for around that ball park or perhaps more. Now the customer service was outstanding, I had the pleasure of working with Josh and he was great. Explained everything perfectly and was glad to hear the feedback I had to give. I was extremely happy with this and for this reason alone I would recommend this to my friends or even be back again in t..

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
SLAPPA - Aura Laptop Sleeve (fits 17" laptops) by Chris Culp Date Added: Tuesday 29 April, 2014
SLAPPA - Aura  Laptop Sleeve (fits 17" laptops) This bag is easy to use with not many pockets (2 pockets, the larger of which has two dividers for three sections). It includes a shoulder strap and has a briefcase style handle. The only downside is that there is not much space within the bag so this bag is great for someone without a lot of accessories but still wants some space for documents, a couple computer disc games, and a few small accessories (I have my car adapter in the front pocket along with some drivers).

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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