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We specialize in meticulously crafted, fine-tuned, gaming notebooks, laptops and PC's by Sager, Asus, Compal and MSI

Read What Others Are Saying

Read What Others Are Saying
Sager NP7358 (Clevo W355SSQ) by William Preiss Date Added: Friday 05 December, 2014
Sager NP7358 (Clevo W355SSQ) Amazing for this price! I bought this laptop back in October and I wanted to leave a review here for people to see what this thing can do. I've been watching this laptop closely as it games and multitasks. The i7 really helps in games! The GTX 860m is a mid-high range gpu, meaning you can run most games from high to ultra. Now for some benchmarks: In Battlefield 4, which I love playing all the time has a very solid and smooth gameplay. Since I prefer higher frames than 30, high settings ran at around 45-60+ FPS. Ultra stood around the 30-45 frame mark. Far Cry 3 is a very demanding game and people struggle to get the right amount of frames. At ultra the game ran at around 25-35 frames. However at high, it jumped to 45-60+ FPS. Tomb Raider was my last benchmark. At max ultra settings, the game ran at LEAST 35 fps and a max of 60+. Minor micro-stuttering occurred while benchmarking, but can be solved with future driver updates. The laptop does get pretty hot when gaming or u..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
MSI GS70 Stealth Pro-003 by Bryan Pardy Date Added: Friday 28 November, 2014
MSI GS70 Stealth Pro-003 So Im having issues with my laptops touch pad and I have been in contact with the company trying to get it resolved and after a few days of going back and forth, having the tech on my computer it still isnt resolved. I wanted to get a refund and I cant because its over the 15 day period. So a product that was defective from the START I cannot get a refund on. Also if I want the touch pad fixed i have to send it in. If Im having issues from the start, who knows what other problems are with this laptop!?!? I didnt find the issue until I unplugged my mouse and tried using the touchpad. Very disappointed and will not be coming back or referring friends to this company. Spent 3k just about and its defective. Only thing that was good was the customer service at the start....everything else is poor...

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]
Sager NP7358 (Clevo W355SSQ) by Rosy Chao Date Added: Monday 17 November, 2014
Sager NP7358 (Clevo W355SSQ) When I received this laptop, I was overjoyed and this laptop looked great in terms of specs:price ratio. Great screen, power, it didn't heat up easily, easily configurable, and the fingerprint scanner is a plus too. It also has all the ports you'll need. However the laptop was very bulky, and not to mention that the first time I turned it on, I got the blue screen. I ignored it at first but it came back the next day more than once. After 2 days, my laptop wasn't able to turn on anymore, I believe it was a RAM problem. I was very unhappy with this since it took nearly a month for me to finally receive this laptop after the order and the 1-month money back guarantee started as soon as they shipped it from there (it took about 2 weeks, more or less for it to reach here). So, by the time I got it, I had only bout 2-weeks for a refund. Don't get me wrong, the laptop is great but the quality control isn't really that great. I mean, in 2 days, my laptop broke down plus they will make it ve..

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]
Sager NP8278-S (Clevo P170SM-A) by David Bly Date Added: Thursday 13 November, 2014
Sager NP8278-S (Clevo P170SM-A) I've had my new 8278-s for just long enough to set it up with my programs and start gaming with it- about 3 weeks. Granted, I've upgraded from an old 2.2ghz dual core Fujitsu running Vista, so perhaps I'm out of the tech loop when it comes to this stuff, but this machine blows me away! Everything I've thrown at it on ultra setting renders instantly. 1080p uhd is mindblowing having only a 720p bigscreen- I've taken to watching tv on this as well. Xoticpc was very impressive throughout the purchase process. I don't know if there are other companies that offer the kind of customer service that these guys do- if there are, I haven't purchased anything from them. Josh spent an hour on the phone with me answering all of my idiotic questions and giving recommendations early on, and I received updates on the build process the whole way through. the build and shipping were finished and the machine in my hands weeks before I expected it. Not only was this the best computer purchase I've ever m..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Sager NP8278-S (Clevo P170SM-A) by Byron Will Noel Date Added: Thursday 13 November, 2014
Sager NP8278-S (Clevo P170SM-A) After having an MSI GE70 series for 3-4 years, I am very very happy with this laptop. Build quality is great, especially for the price. The 970m just chews up everything.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Sager NP8268 (Clevo P150SM-A) by John Boero Date Added: Tuesday 11 November, 2014
Sager NP8268 (Clevo P150SM-A) This laptop is just what I wanted - an efficient mobile virtualization and development lab. I've loaded mine up with 32GB RAM and 4x1TB SSD. On the go it consistently outperforms servers that cost 10x as much and it uses 1/10 of their electricity. The GPU performs excellent with CUDA and OpenCL as well. I also love the classic glare free screen. Can't stand new laptops where I see my own reflection more than the actual screen. It's great to have the option to ship with NO OS as I'm happily running Linux and don't care to pay for Windows. Just beware that the GPU is using nVidia's Optimus and may take some extra configuration. Just beware the weight of this thing and its power supply. In a bind I once had to snag a Targus universal 90w PSU which seems to hold it up provided the battery doesn't need to be charged. I would not recommend loading the system with it though. Also make sure to use a mouse. I'm about ready to disable the trackpad, which isn't quite centered with the laptop a..

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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  • "The service I received from Xotic PC was excellent!..."
                        Ikhenaten  12/1/14
  • "...they were incredibly helpful, quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had..."
                  zrikz  11/29/14
  • "...I will definitely order from here for my next laptop."
                   Miller51  11/25/14
  • "Great customer service and good product overall. These guys never stop at half measures. Thanks XoticPC..."
                   adwaraka  11/24/14
  • "...I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this company..."
                   DanielWright  11/24/14
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