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Product Reviews
Lenard Silva - 05/03/2014 5 of 5 Stars!
The Sager NP9570 to me is the most powerful laptop in the market right now and at a really good price, although you can just buy a desktop for about the same price range, this offers the "mobility and portability" that a desktop does not have, and quotation on mobility and portability since this is pretty heavy, and I thought it was just an exaggeration but this is really heavy. The one I bought is the one that came with the gtx 880m and the i7-4820k cpu. The sound has to be tweaked out to get the best of it, play with the equalizer which can be found in the sound blaster option. Pros: -Because of the ample amount of vents, this laptop runs really cool, although I've noticed the palm rest on the left side gets warm, it does not bother me much, over all it is at a really great temperature. -Runs every game I have thrown at it. (BF4, BO II, Crysis Series,etc..) -Very responsive and really fast. -Easy controls on volume with a touchpad on top. -It has a very nice webcam. -Voice FX! (in sound blaster) Cons: -Really heavy -Keyboard is pretty small the shift on the right side near the arrow keys is pretty small, I play online games and most of the times trying to press X, I keep pressing Z, when I try to press A, I keep pressing Caps lock, and f1 I keep pressing escape. -Sound could've been alot better for a $3000 laptop. -Im ok with the power supply even though its huge, but the cable is SHORT, its really short! ( I had to lift and place the power supply higher on a stool to reach my desk since the cable was short. Whether to recommend the stock wireless card or killer wireless card I'm not sure if there is any difference in speed, the killer wireless comes with a software to measure your download and upload speed as well. My old laptop measures the same ping and download speed and upload speed as the killer wireless. Besides the Cons I love this laptop, I recommend a good headphones to plug in when using media's. I recommend that you change your downloads to go to your second hard drive if you have an ssd as a primary drive. Will gladly buy from XoticPC again!
John Locke - 02/27/2014 5 of 5 Stars!
The Sager NP9570 is nothing short of incredible. Thank you to everyone at XOTICPC!
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