ASUS ROG GM50 Mouse Pad

ASUS ROG GM50 Mouse Pad

  • 3.5 mm thick

  • Weaved Cloth Covering

  • Crease Resistant

  • Supremely Comfortable

  • Cable Loop Corner

  • Multi-layer Anti-bacterial



Without opening the box you get the feeling that you already have an edge over your opponents. The all new GM50 Mouse Pad from ROG is here for the sake of your sanity. With all bases covered, from the cable loop to the polygonal edges, the frustration from using a mouse pad is over. Now you have no excuses for not dominating.

It doesn’t feel heavy, yet when you lay it down it stays flat and won’t move even if you get surprised from behind (hypothetically speaking). The 3.5mm thickness combined with the weaved-cloth covering is crease resistant, and feels supremely comfortable without the mouse sinking into the pad like a bogged jeep. This is made durable, even the polygonal edges are sewn not only to keep the corners from fraying, but also for those who hate corners curling up.

Tracking is superbly enhanced by the textured surface for serious FPS and RTS gamers, and the mouse won’t go flying off the pad either in the heat of the battle, not that you could even if you tried, it’s huge. There’s also a cable loop that keeps the cable out of the way, while not restricting movement for those times when it looks like a spider had just crawled onto your hand. The multi-layer anti-bacterial coat eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria which comes in handy if you are generous enough to let others touch your precious gear (you never know where their hands have been). A ROG wrist band is bundled to roll up your pad after you seal your victory.

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