XOTIC PC Intel Extreme Rig

The third annual Extreme Rig Challenge is starting soon. Watch this page to keep updated on the XOTIC Build or go to rigchallenge.intel.com to view all of the entries.

Beginning March 15th

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Build Your Own Extreme Rig

2 Separate Water Loops

Intel Optane SSD 9

up to 550K/500K IOPs (4k random reads/writes)

(Graciously provided by Intel)

Dark Exterior with Orange Accents

Creates a clean, but asthetically pleasing look

Processor: Intel i9-7980XE

18 Cores - 36 Threads

Base frequency: 2.60 GHz

Max turbo frequency: 4.20 GHz

(Graciously provided by Intel)

Cooling Pump: EK-XTOP Revo D5 RGB (x2)

Asthetically pleasing RGB ring

Powerful D5 pump

Radiator: Aquacomputer 360mm (x2)

Fans: Riing Plus 12 LED RGB

Chassis: GX11 Widow

Showcases components well

Great potential for water cooling

Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX X299-E

Utilizes the X299 chipset

8 DIMMs available for a maximum of 128GB RAM

Supports up to 3-way SLI

Power Supply: Supernova from EVGA

Great reliability

Fantastic power input